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achievement hunter gif/graphics meme

[five] quotes: 1. ryan, gavin and the english language

i made a new porn blog cus i lost my old one


i cant remember how to reply to a reply but

you’re a witty thing aint ya

i think i used to have a porn blog but i cant remember what it is????

i keep seeing posts about anxiety and relationships and

it just reminds me about me and the bf ‘cus he has to deal with a lot with me like my scars and my past and how i get upset for no reason and how insecure i am about us being together and idk man it’s just hard because he doesn’t even know the rest of it and doesn’t know how much baggage i have eugh

so hating on john green and taking the piss out the fault in our stars is the new cool thing around here now



i just wanna get pissed and fuck again like last week cus it was so fun but instead here i am typing programing code into visual basic wanting to die

i mean really