reblogging cus i like the photo and i can’t believe i was actually in greece!!!


another thing:

my mom is leaving her partner because she is annoyed by him and can’t stand to be with him anymore and ‘don’t have anything in common’ which is fair enough

but she stayed with a man for almost 10 years who used to beat the living shit out of me and made mine and my brother’s lives a living hell???

why didn’t she get a fucking backbone when it mattered and her husband was beating and terrorising her children. why.

also i’m pretty sure she has some payday loan company debts ‘cus we get letters from quickquid quite often, but she denies this adamantly

fuck this is stressing me out i wanna move out

i cant live in a house where the constant threat of being evicted is looming over me i literally cannot do this

my mom is leaving her partner of 4/5 years, the guy who bailed us out when we literally were being kicked out our house and treated her kids like his own

so basically she’s gotten through 3 different guys in 17 years, 2 she married

so we’re probably basically gonna lose this house ‘cus my mom is the worst in the world at paying bills and overspending


I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer.

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Gavin throwing stuff at Ryan [x]

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i’m finally watching in the flesh

it’s glorious

"yeah but you could be sorta androgynous with short hair like that’s cool"


i’m fine and cool with people looking androgynous it’s hot and spectacular but i personally don’t want to be, it’s not what i want to feel like. when i tell you i hate having short hair because i feel boyish and not girly enough, do not say this to me omg please, it doesn’t help

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i’m in me mums car

brum brum

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