im kinda glad I haven’t been on here cus after seeing this whole colbert thing played out on twitter ive realised a lot of you are fucking crazy and take things way too far just to be offended at them

new lbd

toto, i’ve a feeling we’re not in kansas anymore (badass vampire/zombie hunter dorothy)

so today i attended my own genuine intervention…

You always can with me~

You’re the exception ok

i just realised that now i’m seeing someone i cant do all the stuff i normally do or want to do like randomly pull someone or get with people in a purely physical sense and wow all the bit of my life is currently unavailable and i keep accidently nearly sending risque messages to people but i cant now


do i spend 10 pound on this thing i want

or do i not


i bought myself a dress and now i feel guilty even though i worked like hours and hours for the money and idk why, i always have guilt after spending my money eugh

i thought you weren’t supposed to be sexually frustrated and needy when you have a boyfriend but HERE WE ARE

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tumblr is odd after not being here for 6796 years